Open Thread: Women's sports resolutions, take 2!

Hello! So, as some of you might have noticed, yesterday I emailed out a thread asking about your resolutions. The problem? I messed up, and the post wasn’t actually a thread, and nobody could comment! What a perfect start to 2020!

Instead of panicking, I figured we should just start fresh today!

Tomorrow I’m going to be sharing my big wish for women-in-sports as a collective this decade. But today, let’s get personal.

I’d love to know what your women’s sports-related resolutions are. Is there a particular game or event you want to be sure to see in person? Is there a certain sport you want to get more into? Feel free to share personal resolutions, too — let’s hold each other accountable, friends!

Also, what do you want to see from Power Plays in the new year? As always, I need your help and input.

Click on “view thread” below to see my resolutions, and to join the discussion!

Thanks for kicking off the new year as a Power Plays subscriber.