The 2020 Power Plays Gift Guide!

Get out your wallets, friends. You're going to need them.

Hi, everyone. I cannot believe it, but the 2020 Power Plays Gift Guide is here!!!!!

First of all, I need to thank Eleana Gudema for doing the heavy lifting to help get this together. Due to my ongoing, never-ending move, this would NOT have happened if not for her hard work. I’m so grateful.

Secondly, a friendly reminder that Power Plays subscriptions make a great gift.

Okay, friends. The structure of this guide is loose and I am already feeling guilty for the great organizations I am sure I accidentally left off, but this email is almost too long for me to send out and my credit card already has a virtual hole in it, so let’s do this. Happy gifting!

Buy these gifts to help support causes related to the Black Lives Matter movement

The proceeds from these sales go to help Black communities:

You can also buy this merch, empowering messages included

There is so much more merch to come:

Do you have any money yet, left? I CERTAINLY HOPE SO, we have five more categories to go.

Give cash directly to organizations

Most of this guide is about getting STUFF. But sometimes it’s best just to give cash. Here are few groups you might want to support:

  • HoodSpace Chi, a new non-profit founded by Sarah Gorden, a pro soccer player for the Chicago Red Stars, which helps girls of color find their space of flow through yoga, meditation, and sport.

  • Play Like a Girl, a charitable organization which uses the power of sports and active play to inspire young women and help introduce them to STEM fields.

  • Black Girl Hockey Club, one of my favorites, is a non-profit focused on making hockey more inclusive for Black women and their family, friends and allies.

  • Women’s Sports Foundation, the legendary organization founded by Billie Jean King in 1974, that, among other things, funds crucial research and provides game-changing grants to those pursuing opportunities in women’s sports.

  • Back on my Feet, an organization that combats homelessness through the power of running and other crucial resources. Due to the pandemic, this is a particularly crucial time to support Back on my Feed’s work.

  • Transathlete, run by the incomparable Chris Mosier, an invaluable resource that helps everyone find information about trans inclusion policies throughout the sports world.

  • Athlete Ally, an organization that aims to end homophobia and transphobia in sports.

You can also directly support athletes’ individual #brands

We don’t know what is happening with live event tickets right now, so sometimes it’s tough to know how to properly support the athletes we love so much. Thankfully, Power Plays have you covered. These products are all directly associated with and/or profit individual athletes.

As always, support the media that supports women’s sports

Obviously, this is a category near and dear to my heart, but I particularly want to focus on the top two sites on this list, which have been a lifeline for me the past few months, as family stuff and my never-ending move have made it hard to keep up with all the women’s sports news:

There are so many books you need to buy and read

If you have any cash left — check the couch cushions — here are a few other miscellaneous items you will love

Look, I am quite literally running out of room in this e-mail, so I’m going to quickly list a few other things that caught our eye: