Open Thread: Make everyone jealous with your favorite in-person women's sports moment

Hello, friends!

We’ve almost made it through 2019 — and to the dawn of a new decade.

Here at Power Plays, I’m already focused on the new year. January is going to be an extremely special month for us — and an important one, since I’ll be launching paid subscriptions at the start of February. (More on that later.)

There won’t be a newsletter on Wednesday, since it’s Christmas Day and I will be celebrating with my family. But on Friday 12/27 and next Monday 12/30, I will be unveiling our Top 20 Women’s Sports Moments of the Decade list, which you all helped me compile in our last open thread.

Next week we’ll also have a thread to share our resolutions, both personal and sports-wise, for 2020.

But for today, I thought it would be fun to keep reminiscing.

We shared our big-picture selections for best moments of the decade, but what about personally? I want to hear from you about the women-in-sports moments you witnessed in person this decade that meant the most to you. Interpret this however you like. It can be your alma matter getting a big upset, your daughter scoring a hat trick, or seeing your best friend make their rec-league debut.

(Caption: Did covering the first ever NWHL game make my list?)

Maybe you went to your first women’s tennis match, and you’ll never forget it. Or you went to Sochi and got to see Mikaela Schiffrin win her first Olympic gold. Perhaps you were one of the spectators in France chanting “Equal Pay” as the U.S. won their second consecutive Women’s World Cup!

Share as many memories as you want in the comments below. I’ll be in and out of the thread most of the day, starting around noon ET.

If you want to know my answers, click and join the discussion. They’ll be in the comments!