Open Thread: The most important women's sports moments of the decade


As I said in yesterday’s post, one of the biggest things I learned last week in the Substack fellowship program was about the importance of open threads; the other fellows all raved about the discussions and community-building and fun fostered by their readers in their open threads.

Obviously, I wanted to get Power Plays into the action ASAP. Because one thing I’ve discovered about the women’s sports world is how fragmented it is by sport and location. I want Power Plays to bring us all together.

The main purpose of his open thread is to crowdsource nominations for the most important women’s sports moments of the decade. What moment sticks out to you? What moment carried the most weight for the sport you love the most? What moment changed the game, on or off the field? What moment simply made you jump out of your seat?

I’ll be publishing the 20 most important women’s sports moments of the decade in the last two newsletters of the year; this is the place to make your suggestions known.

A couple of my nominations are in the thread below, so you’ll have to join the conversation to see.

Additionally, I’ll be hanging out in the thread for a few hours this afternoon, starting about 12:00 p.m. ET. So, feel free to ask me anything. (I’m behind on responding to email, as I’m sure some of you have noticed, so this might be a more direct way to reach me!)

I can’t wait to chat!


UPDATE: 12/17, 4:11 p.m. ET: YOU ALL HAVE BLOWN ME AWAY!! These are all phenomenal ideas. I’m working on tomorrow’s newsletter so won’t be replying for a while, but I will keep checking back on this thread before finalizing my list early next week, so keep the suggestions coming!

I am especially loving hearing about defining moments from more under-the-radar sports, and big moments for non-U.S. players/teams.