THREAD: Where do you go for women's sports coverage?

Hi friends!

Since starting Power Plays, one of the things I have been most excited about is how many hard-core fans of disparate women’s sports have come together.

But there’s one question I get from everyone: Where else can I go for women’s sports coverage? My goal is to have a master list that I can provide to people whenever that questions comes up in the future. But I can’t do it alone.

So, please, use this thread to tell me: Where do you go for women’s sports coverage? Which writers do you follow on twitter to keep you up-to-date? Which organizations are doing great things in the world of women’s sports to make them more visible? Which podcasts do you listen to? Which websites are regularly good?

I want this list to include reps from all women’s sports, U.S. and international, mainstream and under-the-radar, team and individual, pro and amateur. I want to highlight the hard-hitting reporters, the analysts, the podcasters, the content creators, all of it.

(Geno Auriemma, Teresa Witherspoon, and Robin Roberts would LOVE to have had this info back in 1998, at this exo game between UConn and the New York Liberty. CREDIT: Getty Images.)

Here’s the info that would be helpful to include, so that this thread is functional:

  • The name of the person/publication/org/etc

  • What sport(s) they cover

  • Why you like their coverage

  • and PLEASE include hyperlinks to the podcasts, twitter profiles, instagram accts, etc.

This is also a chance to tell us what you all are working on. I know there are so many of you doing amazing things in this arena, and I want to know more, and how I can better support you.

(Oh, and your rec doesn’t have to be solely media based — if there’s something tangentially related to media coverage in women’s sports that you think everyone should know about, please include that, too!)

I’ll be in and out this afternoon adding my own recs. I’m very excited about this.