THREAD: Let's brainstorm little ways we can change the world

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In this thread, we’re going to talk about tasks we can take on as a group to help make the world a better place for women and nonbinary people in sports. Click on the “view thread” button to join the discussion if you’re viewing this in your inbox.

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This Monday’s newsletter was supposed to be an in-depth dive into one of the most pressing political issues in women’s sports today. But due to some family stuff, the reporting schedule has been shifted around. That issue will come out later this week.

Today, it’s thread time. My favorite thing about the Power Plays community so far is how ready everyone is to TAKE ACTION and make things better. So, I want to harness that energy.

Every month or two, as a group, I want to focus us all on one task to help push things forward. These activities will take a variety of degrees of organization and participation, but by planning ahead, we can make it happen. (This will be in addition to #coveringthecoverage, which will be ongoing.)

Here are some things I’ve been thinking about:

  • A wikipedia editing session to flush out/create wikipedia pages for important women and nonbinary people in sports. (A Power Plays reader suggested this in a previous thread, I am sorry I cannot remember who is was, but PLEASE advise if this is you.)

  • Figuring out how to create and add more women’s sports GIFs to the twitter GIF library.

  • Creating a calendar add-on that people can download to keep the up-to-date on women’s sports events they need to watch. (I have a version of this for paid subscribers now, but keep thinking about how nice having an actual calendar add-on would be.)

  • Organizing and streamlining a guide of who to follow and which websites to check for news on women’s sports. (We brainstormed this in a previous thread, but I still envision making it a much more accessible and easy-to-grow list.)

  • One day a week for a month, we all go to a bar or restaurant and request a women’s sports event on the TV. In bigger cities, we can create Power Plays meet-ups around this.

  • Email-writing campaigns to certain websites to encourage them to make it easier to navigate to women’s sports coverage on their website.

Please, use the comments below to brainstorm more ideas, to suggest ways to execute some of the ideas above, to vent about problems you’d like to see tackled, to dream of a better world, in both big ways and small ways.

More than 86,000 people attended the Melbourne Cricket Grounds on Sunday because people in power made a series of active decisions to support women’s sports. I’m feeling empowered and ready to create change. Join me!

(Katy Perry and the Australia women’s cricket team after Australia won the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup Final on March 8. CREDIT: Getty)