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The check-in: Abolish the expansion draft

This weekend, women's volleyball makes its ABC debut. Here's how it got there.

Are schools using NIL to skirt Title IX regulations?

The check-in: We need to talk about Florida State football

#FromtheArchives: Remembering Major League Volleyball

The check-in: Launching a new professional league is hard

I need your help, again

The check-in: Angel Reese deserves better than this

#FromtheArchives: All the game changers who've come before

The check-in: The NWSL championship, a nightmare and a daydream

Remembering the night Rapinoe's protest got 'hijacked'

The WTA has reached an inflection point

The check-in: The Aces are riding high

It's not capitalism holding women's sports back. It's male fragility.

The check-in: More attendance records topple

The check-in: NWSL Decision Day looms

PODCAST: WNBA semifinal recap and gymnastics world championships preview

PODCAST: Rapinoe's emotional USWNT goodbye and WNBA semifinal breakdowns

Inside the 1st draft for the PWHL, the league that aims to level up women’s hockey

PODCAST: How the Minnesota Lynx upset the Sun and the inaugural PWHL draft

The check-in: Coco, Courage, and complete excitement for the WNBA playoffs

PODCAST: Coco Gauff's US Open triumph and WNBA Playoffs first-round preview

#FromtheArchives: Billie Jean King's belligerence

PODCAST: Final-week WNBA playoff scenarios and a UKG NWSL Challenge Cup preview

92,003 fans at a Nebraska volleyball game was a triumph. But it wasn't a world record.

PODCAST: Rubiales won't resign, the WTA's likely Saudi partnership, U.S. Open preview, and track & field worlds recap

The check-in: Five (billion) things that make me happy

We could have just believed women

PODCAST: Spain wins World Cup, the patriarchy shines, NWSL returns, and Aces/Liberty have wild WNBA weeks

The 2015 letter that put Spain on course to the 2023 World Cup final

You first, Gianni Infantino

#FromtheArchives: Revisiting the F.A.'s 1921 ban on women's football

PODCAST: Commissioner's Cup preview, WNBA awards chat, and Aussie WoSo fandom

Support in women's sports can't be contingent on success

PODCAST: Simone Biles' comeback, the WNBA's no-trade deadline, and a USWNT post-mortem

'Lesbians did a lot of amazing stuff for women's sports from the closet'

PODCAST: USWNT reaction, FIFA's mishandling of abuse, and LPGA updates

PODCAST: The 68-year fight for the Tour de France Femmes w/ Kathryn Bertine

PODCAST: The Chicago Sky's stormy season and early World Cup reactions

Introducing the Power Plays Podcast!

The controversies and corruption that have defined the World Cup lead-up

How Title IX helped boost parity in women's soccer

Inside the culture of fear and abuse in Colombia women's soccer

#FromtheArchives: Forced outings

The NBA grew exponentially in its 4th decade. Can the WNBA do the same?

#FromtheArchives: 'Mother, I think I have lesbian tendencies'

Uneven media coverage is holding women's sports back

The check-in: Be better, women's sports

Let's watch the WNBA and NWSL together this afternoon!!

Mapping a path forward for women's sports

Equal pay at majors can't cover up unrelenting sexism in tennis

The check-in: A dynastic reign continues

#FromtheArchives: The WNBA's inaugural season tips off

The WNBA is back, and so are its growing pains

LAST CHANCE to tell Biden that Title IX must protect trans youth.

TAKE ACTION NOW: Tell Biden that trans youth must be protected under Title IX

#FromtheArchives: Before Title IX, rural Iowa was a 'utopia' for girls in sports

How women's football freed Linda Stamps from 'gender jail'

The check-in: Here's a viewing guide to one of the biggest women's sports weekends of the year!

ACC tournament notebook: How Virginia Tech became a national championship contender

'Hail Mary' deftly embraces the queer history of women's football

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#FromtheArchives: How charter flights became the NBA's norm

The check-in: Soaring valuations, labor disputes, and March messiness

The check-in: The NYT is 'proud' of work causing harm to trans youth

In the NWFL trenches, big women thrived. In the media, they were mocked.

The weaponization of Title IX against trans youth in sports has reached an inflection point

Revisiting the ruthless coverage of Azarenka's 2013 Aussie Open run

Power Plays Book Club Selection: HAIL MARY

#FromOurArchives: Meet the Wojs of the WNBA