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Catching up with Kelsey Bone, the first WNBA player to #takeaknee

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White men are the last head coaches standing for the 3rd WNBA season in a row

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At long last, Damiris Dantas is getting her due

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Seattle Storm co-owner on growing the WNBA, ending homophobia, and the audacity of youth

Starting with softball, this new pro league aims to revolutionize women's sports

The WNBA didn't follow in the NBA's footsteps. It blazed the trail.

The strip protest that put the spine in Title IX

How the Atlanta Dream reclaimed their message

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Inside the 'culture of fear' that permeates global gymnastics

The NWSL's successful return provides a pandemic playbook for the sports world

The WNBA will #SayHerName. This is why.

How a barnstorming, beer-sponsored baseball team paved the way for women's pro sports in the USA

Open Thread: The NWSL is coming to Los Angeles!!!

This isn't a story about Dan Snyder

What women are risking

'The bubble won't silence me'

The WNBA must immediately oust racist owner Kelly Loeffler

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Going first

Women's soccer is growing. But female coaches are being left behind.

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COVID THREAD: Sports are returning amidst a pandemic, and it is not going well!!!

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During the pandemic, mainstream media forgot about women's sports

Women's bowling is the NCAA's hidden gem

When the NWSL returns, this Spirit rookie will be taking a knee

The WNBA has dropped the ball

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Power Plays Book Club: Discussing 'Futbolera'

Before FIFA interfered, a crowd of 110,000 watched the Women's World Cup in Mexico

Sexism in statistics is hurting women's sports

Open thread: Planning the Power Plays summer

The junk science that fueled Brazil's ban on women's football

Golf returned for a charity showcase, but women weren't invited

COVID-19 magnified the systemic sexism that still permeates college sports

Open Thread: Let's cast the movie about the USWNT's 1999 World Cup triumph

NBA Live and NBA 2K need to stop treating the WNBA as a sideshow

Open Thread: Mental health check-in

Betsy DeVos's new Title IX regulations are an abomination

A year ago, Hanna Hall’s video about her anorexia battle went viral. Here’s what happened next.

How the NWHL draft seized the spotlight

Open Thread: "A Secret Love"

Covid-19 is already being used as an excuse to de-fund women's soccer in Latin America

The WTA must protect its power

In the NHL, it's time for a woman to call the shots

Open Thread: A new week, a new chance

A tale of two drafts

Open Thread: WNBA draft and weekend check-in

The evolution of WNBA fashion, as told through every draft's class photo

Lin Dunn isn't finished rocking the boat

Inside the downfall of Brazilian women’s basketball

The biggest problem with ESPN's HORSE show

When Pat met Tamika

Open Thread: Community check-in

In wrestling, women are collateral damage

When sports start back, let the women go first

Book Club Open Thread: Let's talk about "Sum It Up"

The rise and fall of the AIAW, and what it meant to women's basketball

The continued exclusion of women’s soccer in Football Manager is indefensible

Amid covid-19 pandemic, USWNT gave a t-shirt company its biggest sales day ever

In their own words: How Covid-19 is impacting women in sports

Covid-19 could devastate women's sports. Here's how we can fight back.

URGENT: Idaho is hours from enacting anti-trans bill amid coronavirus pandemic

THREAD: The best women's sports moments to rewatch now that coronavirus has suspended everything

When corporations are your conscience, it's time to start from scratch

THREAD: Let's brainstorm little ways we can change the world

Sky Sports moves to stop treating women's sports news as "other"

Maya Moore's mission

The next step for Power Plays

In one week, Australia aims to set a new attendance record for women’s sport

OPEN THREAD: Ask me anything

U.S. Soccer has put the worth of women's sports on trial

How boosting its coverage of female athletes has rejuvenated Telegraph Sport

The Quest for 33%

The IOC's abuse of power

The U.S. men's soccer team is fed up with U.S. Soccer's sexism impacting them

Mainstream media is sleeping on the most exciting WNBA free agency season in history

Losing $375 million in the name of men's sports

Is it safe to trust USA Gymnastics again?

THREAD: Where do you go for women's sports coverage?

The Super Bowl remembered women exist. Is that enough?

WNBA player Imani McGee-Stafford grapples with Kobe's complicated legacy

To truly honor Kobe and Gigi, you have to respect women's basketball

THREAD: Remembering Kobe and Gigi Bryant

The luxury behind Serena's legacy

Lessons from Pat and Geno

Women don't have to compete against men to prove their greatness

Data shows the staggering state of gender inequity in sports

At the NWSL draft, young women became what they had seen

The WNBA didn't need a white knight

How a trailblazing female general manager transformed the worst franchise in the NWSL

The telling tale of two junior hockey broadcasts

This decade, let's let female athletes be jerks

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Open Thread: What are your resolutions?